Our story

Our story is rooted in our mission:

We want to inspire people to take ownership of their wellbeing and thrive mentally & physically.

It is a proven fact that if a habit is pleasurable and easy, one is more likely to stick to it. Thus, in a world where 95% * of the population is vitamin deficient we aim to change the paradigme and make taking supplements an act you will enjoy and habit that you will stick with. (Think chewey, sweet, healthy gummies).

We soaked up all the science to make your way to wellness taste as good as a yummy treat.

Badagoom aims to help people get proactive about their well-being, expaning the life spam & life quality. That BADAGOOM jar on your desk, (in your car, in your bag..you get the gist) is an act of kindness towards yourself (and others if you are a big hearted fellow willing to share) that we know will become a

catalyst for another good habit.

And that is also a fact. (Do we love facts over here or what?!) One good habit established makes room & sets the ground for another one to follow. Holiday plans, work projects, good sleep or meaningful hang-outs are all easier to achieve when you don't need to worry about the chemistry in your body. Fuel your dreams from the inside, you are one yummy gummie away from feeling your best!

Supplements you don't need to swallow.

Supplements you won't forget to take.